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The New Lighthouse Sequoia

When I went to work for Mike Sinyard as Specialized’s first designer, I came up with what turned out to be the iconic Sequoia sport-touring bike. In those days, bikes like the Sequoia were only available from a few custom builders. I’d been developing and building custom Lighthouse bicycles, many of them in the style of the Sequoia, for my customers. When Mike and I discussed our visions of the first Specialized bikes, I proposed the Sequoia.

I decided on tubing and geometry so that Sequoias combined responsiveness and reassuring handling in a way that’s rarely been duplicated since. Those original Sequoias developed an avid following among experienced riders. Even today, riders contact me for information on their newly acquired classic Sequoias, found on ebay or elsewhere.

Here’s the good news: With Mike Sinyard’s blessing, I’m again creating these beloved frames. 

The all-new Lighthouse Sequoia combines proven Sequoia geometry with the seat tube length, top tube length and seat tube angle custom-fit to your physique. The new Sequoia is built with lugs joining state-of-the-art, oversize Columbus steel tubing.

For riders who crave the ultimate in classic style, I can build your Lighthouse Sequoia with new Columbus SL standard sized tubes. Or I’ll fillet-braze your Sequoia if you prefer a lugless aesthetic.

I’ve made sure to design-in lots of clearance to allow for fenders and largish tires. You’d use standard (long-reach) brakes. Each frame has eyelets and braze-ons fitted for simple mounting of front and rear racks.

I build the revived Sequoia with modern materials, but the spirit of the old bike lives on. A custom Lighthouse Sequoia provides today’s rider with the feel and performance of the classic Sequoia. A new custom Sequoia is $2400 for frame and fork.

When you are ready for a really special bike, get in touch. We’ll get the wheels turning on your own new Lighthouse Sequoia, a bike you’ll love.

- Tim


I really enjoyed working with you. You were the first product/bicycle designer to join Specialized and you taught me a lot about how to create the look of the bicycle as an integrated unit. Your passion for the bicycle comes through in the product you create and in the tremendous amount of time you spent making sure the design and the integrity of the product came through in a no-nonsense, functional manner. I learned that a beautifully finished frame allows the viewer’s eyes to flow over the entire frame without stopping. All the important points have stayed with me over the years as does the enjoyment of our long product testing rides followed by your home-made pasta.

Best Regards,

Mike Sinyard, President

Specialized Bicycle Components

Thanks Tim. 
Since I got your frame built I will ride nothing else. I cannot say how much the responsiveness and feel of the bike has hooked me. Can’t tell you how many members of my team have asked about the bike.
I struggle to suppress my smile when the 15pound Carbon heroes find out I am riding a steel bike and breaking legs up the local climbs. They still believe steel bikes are 30pounders and ignore the impact of geometry, materials and the skills of a master frame builder…go figure.
I have gotten the most compliments on this frame and it is always a conversation piece. I have been converting them one by one. 
- Eldred N

Tim and his bikes deserve the highest possible recommendation. If you yearn to love your bike and its builder, if buying bikes off of hooks in shops has lost its luster, get next to Tim Neenan.
Like the highest mountain passes, he’s sui generis - beyond categorization.
— Maynard Hershon
Here is a picture of the bike all set up. The bike meets all my expectations and more. The handling, fit and overall ride is awesome. Thanks a lot for a great bike. I am pretty much spoiled already and do not think I would ever be able to go with an off the rack bike again.
— Ross Blasingame

 "The most beautiful thing about a custom bike is not just what you see, it's what you feel" - Tim Neenan

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