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The New Lighthouse Expedition

When working as the first Specialized designer, I created the ultimate example of a classic touring bike in the Specialized Expedition. These bikes still have a devoted following with cyclists seeking a road bike that will take them anywhere they want to go. For those riders who long for these very special bikes the good news is that Specialized president Mike Sinyard has given me his blessing to create the all new Lighthouse Cycles Expedition. 

The new Lighthouse Expedition is built with enough clearance for fat tires AND fenders as well as cantilever brakes for confident braking in all conditions. The new Lighthouse Expedition features a lower bottom bracket and a steering geometry designed to be secure and predictable on long, fast descents. 

I build the Lighthouse Expedition with Llewellyn Lugs, a Cinelli bottom bracket and the finest, modern, over-sized Columbus tubing custom-sized to each rider’s unique anatomy. The frame features short-tapered chainstays fitted with Breezer dropouts for a rigid rear end.

The beautiful fork features a split plate crown for that classic look and the frame and fork will easily swallow 700x35mm tires with fenders. Custom braze-on fittings are placed for the riders choice of a variety of front and rear racks  as well as full braze-ons for cantilever brakes. 

The new Lighthouse Cycles Expedition will give a rider a lifetime of cycling adventure whether riding on the pavement or those beautifully quiet, dirt or graveled country roads. 

Price for a custom Expedition frame and fork is $2700.00.

When you are ready for a road bike that will take you any where you want to ride the new Lighthouse Cycles Expedition is the frame for you.

- Tim


I really enjoyed working with you. You were the first product/bicycle designer to join Specialized and you taught me a lot about how to create the look of the bicycle as an integrated unit. Your passion for the bicycle comes through in the product you create and in the tremendous amount of time you spent making sure the design and the integrity of the product came through in a no-nonsense, functional manner. I learned that a beautifully finished frame allows the viewer’s eyes to flow over the entire frame without stopping. All the important points have stayed with me over the years as does the enjoyment of our long product testing rides followed by your home-made pasta.

Best Regards,

Mike Sinyard, President

Specialized Bicycle Components

"The most beautiful thing about a custom bike is not just what you see, it's what you feel" - Tim Neenan

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