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Lighthouse custom frames are made from the finest steel bicycle tubing in the world.

From the first Lighthouse in the 70's I have been a fan of fine Columbus tubing crafted in Italy. I select each tube for your specific needs from a selection of Columbus Spirit and Life tubes. These are state of the art, super strong and light tubes.

Each tubeset is selected for the rider's physiology and intended use. Low temperature brazed construction features either gorgeous hand-filed lugs or perfectly flowing fillet brazing. This ensures that the tubes are unaltered by excessive heat. All tubing is machine mitered, jig brazed and precision table aligned for perfect adherence to the design ideal.

The result is a frameset that is lightweight, dependable and beautiful.

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Base price for a Road Spirit compact or standard geometry, fillet-brazed or lugged Columbus frame with a complete complement of braze-ons including front derailleur mount, one color paint, Ritchey WCS UD Carbon fork or Lighthouse custom steel fork is $2400. Upgrade your new frame with a painted to match, Enve Composite fork for $150.

Price for a custom Sequoia frame and fork is $2400.

Price for a custom Expedition frame and fork is $2700.00.

A deposit of $1000.00 is required when placing an order with balance due when the frame is complete.

As a short woman I had difficulty locating a quality bicycle that would fit me. The solution? A custom fit Lighthouse. The bicycle is so comfortable that it feels like an extension of myself. The ride is exceptionally smooth. The beauty of the perfectly finished joints, internally channeled cables and a paint color unlike any on the market turns heads wherever my Lighthouse and I go.
— Ruth Loeb, Santa Maria, California
My Lighthouse bicycle is an outstanding work of art. The craftsmanship in everything from the brazing to the paint is first rate. It is a pleasure to ride each and every time.
— Justin Cohen, Wichita, Kansas

"The most beautiful thing about a custom bike is not just what you see, it's what you feel" - Tim Neenan

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