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Modern Steel

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There will always be a place for the classic lugged steel frame and there have never been as many quality lug styles to choose from. From the simple to the ornate, I can produce any style of lugged frame the rider desires - featuring all the classic, road bike style cues.

But thanks to the mountain bike, the compact road frame has become accepted as the most efficient form for a racing-style bike. Why compact geometry? Because a shorter tube is a lighter tube. And a shorter tube is a more rigid tube. A compact frame saves weight and improves stiffness. Both qualities enhance the performance of the bike.

Lugged construction depends on a wide variety of angle-specific top- and seat-tube lugs, so compact frames with custom angles require another joining method.


At Lighthouse Cycles that means fillet-brazed lugless construction. I've built hundreds of fillet-brazed frames and several fillet-brazed tandems over the years. Most of my current production is compact fillet-brazed road racers.

Today's producers of steel tubing continue to make progress with new alloys that create super-strong, thin-wall tubes. The new tubes produce the wonderful, uniquely steel, ride quality with nearly no weight penalty.

I use only the best modern steel tubes from Columbus often mixing tube gauges to suit a specific rider. Modern steel, compact geometry and intelligent component selection can easily produce a complete bike weighing under 17 pounds.


I use Enve or Ritchey composite forks on new compact Lighthouses. Each company produces state-of-the-art forks in a variety of rakes, allowing perfect handling characteristics with a variety of head angles. If you choose a classic Lighthouse lugged frame, I can build you a steel fork for it.

Forty seven years old, 50,000 miles in the last 10 years, and I never rode a bike that fit. My Lighthouse will make the next 50,000 miles infinitely more enjoyable. Words cannot describe the ride with a Lighthouse.
— Lyn Farmer, Jim Thorpe, PA
My Lighthouse is the best looking, most undemanding, most responsive tool you could imagine. It’s by far the best bike I’ve ever owned.
— Maynard Hershon

"The most beautiful thing about a custom bike is not just what you see, it's what you feel" - Tim Neenan

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