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Each hand-crafted Lighthouse frame is designed for only one rider: you. There are no short cuts,  just the finest materials, perfectly assembled to match your unique anatomy by one of America's most experienced frame builders.

The most important aspect of a fine high performance bicycle is how it fits - how it feels, how you feel! Only by custom designing the seat tube angle, the top tube and stem length can the rider be positioned for maximum comfort.

Think of your body as the engine and the bike as the chassis. A custom frame integrates you into the chassis for optimal weight distribution, handling characteristics and highest performance.


Choose a road bike to give you the winning edge in a breakaway, or a fine touring bikes's security, comfort and performance as you reach one more horizon before camp. Maybe it's time for a mountain bike with that wonderful sense of balance and exquisite construction that shines through the mud.

When ordering your Lighthouse, it is best to visit the frameshop in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County.

This area features some of the best cycling roads in the country and is host to many pro team winter training camps.

It is a delightful area to weekend with your significant other. There are over 40 wineries to visit as well as good restaurants and several options for accommodations. Here’s more information about our wineries at and we love the Solvang Gardens in Solvang or the Santa Ynez Inn in Santa Ynez.


If you cannot visit the shop for measurements please click here for the fitting page to determine the measurements needed to get your new frame started.

Tim Neenan of Lighthouse Cycles has the knowledge of biomechanics, physiology and metallurgy. He has racing experience, creative artistry and compulsion to make a perfect fit of bike and rider. It enables him to create each individual Lighthouse absolutely perfect for each client.
— Jules Jaffee, MD, Santa Rosa, CA
Needless to say I couldn’t be happier with the ride quality and the fit is just spot-on. One of my closest riding buddies has a custom Yamaguchi and my Lighthouse is the one that draws the most raves when placed side-by side.
— Chad Kennedy

"The most beautiful thing about a custom bike is not just what you see, it's what you feel" - Tim Neenan

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